What a difference a day makes…

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B.O.B the concert that wasn’t

The small adventures of Floffy:
sitting outside having coffe with friends, a group of american students, already slightly drunk goes in to the off-licence to get some beers. One of them comes to speak to us and offers me a ticket for B.O.B, a bit expensive but i was ready for the adventure.
Except they were probably too drunk because they never come back to sell me the ticket.
And that is how Floffy never saw B.O.B

Sewing Update: Light blue blouse I

This update is mostly for my mother.
I have done a bit of sewing lately, mostly hems and mending, but I have managed to nearly finish the light blue polka dot blouse. The original patter (burda madazine) had a skirt attached but I am only making the blouse.
Take no notice of the fact the the sleeves a flipped (I am an idiot), they are just pinned in. Need to find a zip.

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Get me to the Church on time!

Today I went to church. I am a Cristian, deal with it.

So today I went to church to give thanks about stuff. I chose a church I had once seen in passing (denomination unknown, don’t care). It took me more than an hour by bus.There was probably a church nearer to me but that was not the point.

There are a number of churches in Beijing and wile the Government relation with religions remains difficult, worshipping at personal level is part of every day life, being it a church, a temple or a mosque.

The sun was high and the air not too hot, as it has been thunder storming intermittently for the last 3 days.

I missed mid day mass, so I just sat down for a persona prayer when I has interrupted mid flow by an Chinese old lady who kept talking despite me repeatedly saying I did not understand chinese. This went on for a wile till she gave up. I still don’t have any idea if what she was saying was nice or she was telling me off for something.

Now I am sitting in a park with my shoes off enjoying the cool of the trees.
Life is good

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